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Program Offerings

The ultimate aim of our programs is to offer participants conducive conditions to develop their own personal insight, while opening their hearts to others. The monastery and center encompass a wide range of activities, reflecting the many interests of all those who make use of Deer Park’s facilities, and in keeping with the spirit of the Buddhist idea that a diversity of methods can be used to promote the welfare, mutual understanding and happiness of living beings.

This wide range of activities falls into seven broad categories:
  1. Education
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Interreligious Dialogue
  4. Group Spiritual Practice
  5. Service
  6. Publication
  7. Tibetan Cultural Preservation



Drawn by Geshe Sopa’s renowned ability to clarify Buddhist concepts and to inspire students to live by those principles, students come from around the world to attend Deer Park’s annual summer programs—including from Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Puerto Rico, Australia, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

Our education programs include:


 Community Outreach

For thousands of schoolchildren across Wisconsin, their class field trip to Deer Park offers a rare opportunity to have a personal encounter with the Buddhist religion, monastic lifestyle, and Tibetan culture.


Interreligious Dialogue

It is Deer Park’s conviction that interreligious dialogue promotes harmony and understanding among different communities, and lays an important groundwork for world peace.


Group Spiritual Practice

Deer Park provides community experiences to support individual development.
These group practices involve:



As a means to promote Tibetan Buddhist values and teachings, Deer Park provides guidance and services, such as: Top


To further its aim of providing public access to information about the Buddhist religion, the center engages in the following enterprises:


Tibetan Cultural Preservation

We support the preservation of the rich and ancient Tibetan artistic and cultural heritage, the cause of Tibetan autonomy and the needs of the Tibetan diaspora.